Living in Amsterdam-Zuid

111 new two and three room city apartments starting at € 800,- a month with a surface area from approx. 55m² and 70m² are being built bordering on the Rivieren buurt. Square is a compact building comprising five to eight stories surrounding a green courtyard. Large balconies and a height per floor of 3 metres create a solid impression.

The interior of the apartments is also of a high quality. They will have a contemporary finish including a modern kitchen complete with all the fittings, a design bathroom and fitted cupboards in the bedroom. There is a communal garden and a secure bicycle/scooter storage.



City apartment (approx. 55m²) with a living room and a spacious bedroom with fitted cupboards. The balcony ensures that outdoors is within reach.


City apartment (approx. 70m²) with a living room, large bedroom with fitted cupboards and an extra bedroom. The bathroom has a bath, and of course there is a balcony.



  • 88 apartments for rent
  • Spacious balcony
  • Modern fully- equipped kitchen
  • Design bathroom with walk-in shower
  • Secure bicycle/scooter storage
  • Personal 6m² storage space

Prices 2 room apartment starting from €800,- per month


  • 23 apartments for rent
  • Spacious balcony
  • Modern fully-equipped kitchen
  • Design bathroom with bath and walk-in shower
  • Secure bicycle/scooter storage
  • Personal 6m² storage space

Prices 3 room apartment starting from €1.050,- per month

Check Wooove.nl for current availability.


The location of Square, situated at a junction between the old district Amsterdam-Zuid and the new Zuidas. The old Amsterdam-Zuid district especially contains many notable examples of works of art.
Following this tradition in Amsterdam-Zuid of integrating art and architecture, a design competition was organized for young artists at the Sanberg Institute. They were asked to design the entrance gate for the inner courtyard of Square. The jury, under the chairmanship of Francisca Benthem from Bureau de Kunst, chose unanimously for the design by Aliki van der Kruijs (in elaboration with Adriaan Aarnoudse Architect) who took her inspiration from the trees. The design has monumental bronze railings with a circular pattern of branches corresponding to the pattern of the branches of a tree. A circle within a square is a strong, classical, timeless and symbolic image that will be an eye catcher of the building.



Based on your gross monthly salary; 4 times the monthly rent (single), 5 times the monthly rent (couple).


Living in Square is both convenient and carefree with a fixed expenditure. There are even more advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Short period of notice
  • No large investments
  • No maintenance costs
  • Certainty about living expenses



Live close to the popular River district. By bike to the city centre or on foot to the NS station Amsterdam RAI (tram, train and underground station) with a direct connection to Schiphol and Randstad. Plenty of green areas in the neighborhood along the Zuidelijke wandelweg and the Beatrix Park.
Your everyday shopping can be done close by at the supermarket Dirk van den Broek, sport at Fit for Free and there are many nice restaurants in the Scheldestraat.


I want to rent an apartment, what should I do?

Check whether you meet the income requirements. Go to the Wooove website, select your apartment and fill in your details. You will receive a mail with a fuller explanation about the documents you will have to provide to sign up.

Do I have to pay a registration fee?

No registration fee is required. Renting an apartment via Wooove and making a search profile are both free of charge.

What are the income requirements for renting?

To rent an apartment the following income requirements apply:

  • 4x monthly rent (single)
  • 5x monthly rent (couple)
  • Which documents required?

    • Registration form (completed and signed)
    • Copy of identity card (or both as a couple)
    • Birth certificate (or both)
    • Employer’s certificate (or both)
    • Tenant’s certificate
    • 3 examples of most recent months’ salary (or both)
    • 3 examples of bank statement with deposits of salary, benefits, pension etc.
    • With pension or benefits an annual statement must be submitted

    If self-employed the following documents must be provided:

    • Bank statement with the three most recent salary payments
    • Balance sheet, profit and loss account of the most recent complete financial year
    • Accountant’s report
    • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce

    How are the apartments allocated?

    The apartments are allocated according to the stated income requirements and availability.

    What is the minimum rental period?

    A minimum of 1 year. After this the rental agreement can be terminated as of the first of the following month + 1 month. For example: you give notice on 19 April, the rental agreement will end on 1 June.

    Can I choose my own kitchen and/or bathroom?

    No, all the apartments are fitted with a luxury kitchen with built-in equipment and a comfortable bathroom.

    How are the walls finished?

    The walls are paint /wallpaper ready.

    Does the rent include service charges?

    Service charges come on top of the basic rental price at around €80 a month.

    What is included in the service charges?

    Certain costs will be shared for communal spaces used by all the tenants. For example, maintenance of the outside spaces, cleaning of the entrance halls and staircases. These costs come out of the service charges. You will receive a separate statement and an annual summary of these charges. The compilation of the service charges is prescribed within a statutory framework. Further information can be found on the website of the national government.

    What are the monthly fixed costs?

    As well as the rent and service charges there are a number of fixed costs. The individual energy costs depend on your usage. Furthermore, as a tenant you will pay taxes; water board tax and waste levy. For the insurance of your home contents, consult your insurance advisor.

    What are the monthly energy costs?

    Individual energy costs depend on your usage.

    Can I park at Square?

    It is possible to use the neighbouring parking garage.

    Renting is carefree! Why?

    As a tenant there are no surprises. You are flexible, no unexpected costs, no financial risk and a short period of notice. And large-scale maintenance? Nothing to worry about.


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